Full Moon Ceremony @ Teva

Dive into your expanding self with
the energies of the full moon, and the medicine of
Cacao | Breathwork | Sound Healing 




Hey there beautiful soul!

This is your invitation to join us for a Full Moon Healing Ceremony Monday the 27th of November at TEVA Jungle Lodge, Manuel Antonio.
We are going to explore the medicines of Cacao, Breath and Sound together in a space where feeling and healing is encouraged. We will be working inwards individually with our own journeys and with what we need to bring forward to release and let go of and setting intentions for, to allow ourselves to expand and move further on our path in harmony.
With the energy of a collective supportive space we can open ourselves up to allow all the different parts of us to be seen and heard.
We are Tiina and Victor and we are very excited to share these tools of self understanding and inner medicine with you. We met through our Clarity Breathwork training where we connected with one of our most powerful medicines within, our BREATH. We have both been on our journeys to inner stillness many years through yoga, meditation, cacao, sound and other forms of healing.


The medicine of cacao is a sacred plant that grows in this beautiful land of Costa Rica and has the power to open up our heart, showing us what it means to live from unconditional love towards ourselves and everything around us. It also might show us that which is blocking us to life from our full expression of love and authenticity. We will be sharing cacao together setting intentions and calling in the healing that is needed for this evening.


Is a new powerful way of connecting with unconscious parts of ourselves, releasing stuck emotions and allowing fresh healing to be breathed into our beings. For about 50 minutes we will breathe in a gentle, circular and conscious way to open up and allow all that needs to be felt and released to pass through us. We will be there to guide and support anything that comes up within you.


As for the integration you will be receiving a full sound bath with the sound of crystal quartz singing bowls. Allowing the frequencies of the bows to enter into your energetic and cellular self to recalibrate your being, healing through deep rest and surrender.
Sound has been shown to have a deep impact on our bodies and minds and we are excited to share its power with you.


Teva Jungle Lodge, Manuel Antonio
Monday, November 27th, 6pm-8.30pm

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