Siri Pisters

Branding, Logo Design, and Website Creation

Siri Pisters is an external PhD candidate at Wageningen University working on her research on transformative learning in ecological communities as well as a Yoga teacher. Her work is centered in creating more ease, flow and joy in work and life, through re-imagining and recreating the systems we live by in a playful and creative way.


Branding and Website Creation

Ayurveda for a Nordic Lifestyle. Based in Helsinki, Finland, PRASAD hand-makes products from locally-sourced, wild-craft ingredients.

Holis Wellness Center

Re-Branding and Logo Design

Offering both a studio space for movement classes, and a spa space for therapies and treatments, Holis Wellness Center has been servicing holistic wellness to the local and touristic community of Manuel Antonio on the beautiful Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Tastes of Sovereignty

Branding, Logo, and Website Creation

Tastes of Sovereignty offers in-depth guidance in helping to awaken the unique and forgotten path of each individuals very own.

Eagle's Nest Retreats

Branding, Copyrighting, and Website CoCreation

An inspirational center for transformational events and retreats located in San Marcos, Guatemala. Here, you’re invited one step closer to being you, with the potential for a mystical experience. Includes a cafe with iconic views looking over Lake Atitlan.

Moving in Harmony Craniosacral Therapy, LLC

Branding and Website Creation

Kim Pilgrim, MS creates a safe and sacred space for the possibility of deep healing and transformation to happen… through the modality of Craniosacral Therapy.

Tove Palmgren

Branding and Website Creation

Tove is a 2,000 hour Purna Yoga teacher in Helsinki, Finland. She offers Immersions, workshops and retreats, and teaches from the Purna Yoga College a 200-Hour Teacher Training both at Purna Yoga Helsinki and abroad.

Eva Kiviluoma

Website Creation

Eva Kiviluoma is a 500-hour level Purna Yoga teacher in Helsinki, Finland. Eva is absolutely in love with what she does. Her work is around Purna Yoga and essential oils – how to live a happy, soul-based life that is supported naturally. 

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