Soul Expression Package

4 week Coaching Package   |   4x  55-minute calls


Grow out of past limitations.

Unleash your magnetic clarity and confidence.

Activate your aliveness, let your soul live it’s truth!


We begin by setting intentions for the time we will work together, that will set the trajectory

for the sessions that will be aligned with your personal goals, needs, and storyline.

We focus on discovering the parts of your story that are holding blocks, or mindset patterns

that are causing resistance to creating a life in alignment and flow. All expansion is directed by your soul.


This package is for anyone who is:

committed to living an authentic life

experiencing a transition

in the process of realizing long-term goals

on a soul growth journey and wanting to cleanse, heal, integrate specific vibrations that are arising

seeking greater clarity and confidence

My greatest intention is for yours to be realized.

Sessions are supported by a variety of tools to amplify the shift, and chosen according to your individual needs.


Contact Tiina to schedule a complimentary discovery call, and request this package



Individual Shift Sessions

55 minute call


Available for people wanting to greaten their life and business alignment and expansion.

Developing understanding is sometimes all we need in order to eliminate our resistance to,

and the reoccurrence of specific situations. Mapping out all of the options is sometimes all that is needed

in order to realize the clarity of what we really want.


Are you intending to:

get clarity on a problem

shift limiting mindset patterns


bond with your authenticity

shift into greater realization of your true happiness, confidence …

… and clarity in your direction and purpose


These calls are 100% focused on your individual situation, the goals, blocks, and storylines that are creating your journey.

During the complimentary discovery call before meeting we will tune into your unique needs,

define what specific resistances are present, and determine what the concentration of the session will be.

My greatest intention is for yours to be realized.

A variety of tools are available to amplify the shift, and will be chosen according to your specific needs.


Contact Tiina to schedule a complimentary discovery call, and request a session.

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